The Best Home Gym Equipment Top 10

What equipment do you need to create the ultimate home gym? That depends on the space you have at home. The following top 10 list will outline the best equipment for those who have plenty of space and for those that don't too.

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Chin-up Bar

1. Chin-up Bar

If you want strong arms, do chin-ups. The chin-up is a challenging, often neglected, compound exercise that will build biceps quicker than curling weights. They also have the advantage of building a strong grip and a V-shaped back. At this price, taking up so little space in your home, and with the chin-up being such an effective exercise, this is the number one piece of kit you can buy. View Price »

Chin-up Tower

2. Chin-up Tower

If you can afford it and you've got the space, get a chin-up tower. It has a wider bar allowing you a wider grip pull-up, giving better lat development. The station also comes with parallel bars for dips. Dips are a great exercise for the chest and triceps. View Price »

Olympic Barbell

3. Olympic Barbell

The overwhelming opinion in the strength training community is that free weight training, focussed on compound lifts, is the best way to get strong. To perform the squat, deadlift, and press you're going to need a barbell, and it's going to have to be an olympic one. The small, cheap barbell sets, that are often a first purchase, are useless. E.g., a reasonable deadlift goal is lifting close to twice your body weight. The cheap bars will not provide you with enough weight or capacity and, before you know it, you'll have to buy olympic anyway. View Price »


4. Kettlebell

If space is a big consideration, you might want to consider kettlebells or dumbbells instead of a barbell. With kettlebells in both hands, you can perform the press, squat and deadlift. Two 48kg (105.6lb) kettlebells will give you a decent military press and, for most, provide a challenging deadlift and squat (you'll want to start with 16 or 24kgs). Kettlebells are famous for their excellent swing, and they're also superb for farmers walks. They are easy to store, take up little space, and look somewhat ornamental. View Price »

Olympic Dumbbells

5. Olympic Dumbbells

If you're short of space, dumbbells can form an alternative to the barbell, in a similar way to kettlebells. Just remember to get them in an olympic size. Olympic dumbbells can handle large and heavy plates that will allow you to use serious weight.

Even if you have a barbell it's good to have dumbbells and kettlebells for rows, the one arm press, lunges and other exercises. View Price »

Olympic Bench

6. Olympic Bench

All men love the bench press. But remember, if you're going to get a bench, get one that supports at least double your own weight and more, as a body weight press will be your first goal (double your weight as the bench holds yourself and the bar). You'll find that many of the cheap benches will recommend a weight useage below this requirement. In other words, get an olympic bench. View Price »


7. Rack

If you're getting a bench, why not get one without barbell supports and get a rack instead? This allows you to rack the bar more easily and safely. It'll also act as a squat stand, chin-up station, and can allow you to perform deadlifts at a greater height, which is useful if you lack flexibility to lift the bar off of the ground. View Price »

Squat Stands

8. Squat Stands

If you can't afford or don't have room for a rack then you're going to want to get a squat rack. This will allow you to squat and military press your barbell. View Price »

Exercise Bike

9. Exercise Bike

Recent research infers that cardio fitness can be developed with as little as three high intesity interval training (HIIT) seasons a week. One HIIT session consisting of three 20-second all out exertions on an exercise bike. Why not give it a go? If not, you can also use the bike for a more traditiona cardio workout. View Price »

Home Gym System

10. Home Gym System

All the experts tend to agree that you're better using free weights than machines. However, if you've the money and the space why not treat yourself and get both? Especially since everyone agrees that the cable exercises are excellent. View Price »


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