Social Movements 1768-2012

Social Movements 1768-2012
Social Movements 1768-2012 by Charles Tilly

The updated and expanded third edition of Tilly’s widely acclaimed book brings this analytical history of social movements fully up to date. Tilly and Wood cover such recent topics as the economic crisis and related protest actions around the globe while maintaining their attention to perennially important issues such as immigrants’ rights, new media technologies, and the role of bloggers and Facebook in social movement activities. With new coverage of colonialism and its impact on movement formation as well as coverage and analysis of the 2011 Arab Spring, this new edition of Social Movements adds more historical depth while capturing a new cycle of contention today.

To view Power Point slides of the last undergraduate course of Charles Tilly (with Ernesto Castaneda) in Spring 2007, which are related to his Paradigm book, Social Movements 1768-2004, please click here.

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