Roads to Freedom

Roads to Freedom
Roads to Freedom by Bertrand Russell

"Roads to Freedom" is a fascinating glimpse of progressive intellectual politics at the turn of the twentieth century. Written at the end of the first world war in the midst of great and rapid world change, the book is an historical analysis and criticism of Socialism, Anarchism and Syndicalism by the British philosopher Bertrand Russell, the author of "Why Men Fight". This deluxe edition of "Roads to Freedom" has an additional essay by Bertrand Russell titled "Democracy and Direct Action" and a never-before-included foreword by the Pulitzer Prize-winning philosopher and historian Will Durant. "A remarkable book by a remarkable man." The London Times "Really worth reading," The New York Evening Post. "We strongly advise a careful reading of 'Roads to Freedom' as good medicine for these times. Those who have the courage to look facts in the face will get from it both warning and information. Others if they can be induced to read, may be shocked by it out of a dangerous complacency." The Westminster Gazette BERTRAND RUSSELL (1872-1970) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950. A celebrated British philosopher and mathematician, his works include "Why I Am Not a Christian" (1927), "Power: A New Social Analysis" (1938), and "My Philosophical Development" (1959).

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