The Trouble With Tolstoy

The Trouble With Tolstoy
The Trouble With Tolstoy

Alan Yentob takes an epic train ride through Leo Tolstoy s Russia, examining how Russia s great novelist became her great troublemaker.

Guided by the writer s astonishingly honest and confessional diaries, Yentob travels through Tolstoy s Russia looking at the life, work and legacy of the author of Anna Karenina and War and Peace.

It reveals a difficult, restless, ferociously brilliant man with an appetite for causing trouble both for himself, his family and for the world around him due to his fundamentalist views on God, violence and government.

'This biographical look at Tolstoy reveals what made him more than just a great novelist, but also one of Russia s most important moral thinkers, and a life-long anti-authoritarian.' The Daily Telegraph 'Evocative and elegantly assembled profile that includes telling interviews and impressive images.' The Sunday Times

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