Reading Capital

Reading Capital
Reading Capital by Louis Althusser, Etienne Balibar, Roger Establet

Establishing a rigorous program of ‚Äúsymptomatic reading‚ÄĚ that cuts through the silences and lacunae of Capital to reveal its philosophical core, Louis Althusser interprets Marx‚Äôs structural analysis of production as a revolutionary break‚ÄĒthe basis of a completely new science. Building on a series of Althussers‚Äôs conceptual innovations that includes ‚Äúoverdetermination‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsocial formation,‚ÄĚ √Čtienne Balibar explores the historical and structural facets of production as Marx understood them, scrutinizing many of the most fundamental points in Capital, as though for the first time.

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